Launch a Home Centered Business...

and achieve financial independence

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"I was very hesitant at first being a psychotherapist as I didn't have any experience in building a business. But I loved the essential oils personally and used them with great success with my clients. So with this easy duplication model, I was able to retire myself from a 9-5 job in just a couple years and have now tripled my income. Best part is that it is residual so I have taken time off to do humanitarian work, travel, finish a doctorate degree and publish books all the while still receiving the same income!"

Dr. Danielle Daniel 


Essential Oils

The business model is founded upon home centered healthcare with essential oils 


doTERRA leads the industry with the most pure, potent and effective essentials in the world

Using the science of nature, plant based products allow you to offer various solutions to your community

From a business perspective, home centered healthcare makes perfect sense as it allows you to generate a high level of return from your efforts as it serves people with a necessity of life.  

Your partnership with doTERRA as a debt free, multi-billion dollar global company, allows you to build a long term and sustainable income as you inspire many with natural solutions. 

Building a home centered business made easy

Use Oils

Implement natural home health solutions in your own life and family.

Share Oils

Inspire others with their own home centered healthcare.

Be Compensated

Get paid for life on client accounts you bring into doTERRA.

Natural home centered health with essential oils easily integrates into your niche as a therapist, medical provider, yogi, educator, parent, coach, and health influencer.  
As you expand your clientele base, this generates a stream of income that as it grows, you get to choose how to live your life and serve the world in a higher way.